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Hillman Power Pro 4 1/2″ exterior wood screws countersunk into treated 4×4’s with no splitting

In this video I am using these Hillman Power Pro screws to build a log splitting tire stand. You can see it in action here and I ordered the screws here . The reason I made this separate video was because of just how impressed I was with these screws. They drive super easy with no need to pre-drill and don’t seem to split out the wood.  As of  8-25-2018 I have used up about a half box of these and have yet had one break or split out the wood while driving.

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Springer Spaniel dog showing off her fancy footwork

My sister and her Springer Spaniel has been staying with me the past few months because her husband is on Deployment. Recently I figured out that she really loves chasing bugs, which also includes light reflections that move. This is a great way to wear her out so she is not bugging me constantly :). She is shaved because she has allergies and is also partially bald on her back because of a skin condition.

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