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Using the Field Cultivator to prep the garden with my Kubota B2320

I use my field Cultivator to prep last years garden for this years planting. I plan to plant potatoes, beans/peas and possibly some corn along the tree side. I cut this field cultivator down to around 4-5 foot to fit behind my tractor better. There are 5 tines I could add more, but 5 do a good job and are relatively easy to pull.

I have read that a Field Cultivator does a much better job loosening your soil for planting than a tiller. Which is because it does not disturb the layering of the soil. Or what is living/dormant in those layers as much as a tiller does. Also it is less likely to kill worms and other beneficial animals living in the soil.

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New Ryobi 40v 14″ chainsaw kit un-boxing and first use model RY40530

In this video I un-box the brand new Ryobi 40v 14″ chainsaw kit. This is the newest model of there 40v chainsaw that just came out about a month ago.

I picked up the newest 40v attachment capable trimmer also and will be doing more videos on that as well. So don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when those come out.

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A small tractor update and import grease zerk Kubota B2320.

I point out where some of the kill switches are on this kubota B2320 tractor. You should know where these are so that if you get a no start you can troubleshoot it easily. Also where to grease the forward and reverse hydro static levers so that it resets to the neutral position. If you don’t keep this zerk lubed it can cause the tractor to move when you don’t want it to. Also it can cause the tractor to shut off as soon as you get off the seat.

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Epic Gas Can Spout that replaces most broken & junk self venting spouts

I got sick of my gas can spouts not working properly, slow flow not working at all or spilling. So I replaced the broken/defective spouts on several of my gas cans with EZ-Pour Kits. That I purchased on amazon you can find them here fur under $12 dollars shipped with prime.

I have purchased 3 of these kits and plan to buy more to do the rest of my larger cans. These may not work well on smaller cans, used for filling chainsaws etc, I think the nozzle may be to large for those purposes. If they make a kit with a smaller nozzle I may try converting those as well when needed.

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A better way to fill the winter stock tank, no more garden hose/shoveling

I got sick of fighting with the coil garden hose and shoveling snow to the faucet/stock tank. So after a bit of contemplation I came up with a good inexpensive solution, solid drain hose. You can pick up a 100 foot roll 4″ diameter for less than 40 bucks at your local hardware store.

I then cut a hole at the end so that it would fit over the outside faucet. Then ran it down into my stock tank and tied it secure at both ends. Of course your stock tank will need to be lower than your faucet for this to work.

Now all I have to do is turn the valve inside my house to start filling. Also since its a 4″ diameter pipe its very unlikely it will ever freeze up. Drain pipe is also easy to work with, a razor blade will cut it quite easily, and its light weight/durable.

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Shortened How to repair a 12 volt car battery using food grade Alum and baking soda for under 5 dollars

In this video I show how to repair a 12 volt car battery for under 5 dollars using food grade Alum “Aluminum Sulfate” and baking soda. First I use baking soda to clean the battery and then Alum instead of a acid to bring it back to life. The best price I have found for alum is here which is enough to do several batteries. Your local feed mills or grocers may carry it as well.

Part 1 converting the battery from acid to alum

Part 2 testing the battery again more extensively almost 6 months later

Started a drain over time test you can view the first 16 days results here

3 months drain with no charge started truck 4 times including the last starting the truck in 10 degree F

Simple Instructions

1 cup or 8 oz of food grade alum “aluminum sulfate” in a 1 gallon jug then fill the jug with water “it is best to use distilled water”
Same for the baking soda 1 cup per gallon. The baking soda mix is used after draining the acid to neutralize any left over acid. You can then after rinsing with that rinse with plain water to get out the baking soda mix. Then you will put in the alum mix filling to just above the plates and then charge.

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Hillman Power Pro 4 1/2″ exterior wood screws countersunk into treated 4×4’s with no splitting

In this video I am using these Hillman Power Pro screws to build a log splitting tire stand. You can see it in action here and I ordered the screws here . The reason I made this separate video was because of just how impressed I was with these screws. They drive super easy with no need to pre-drill and don’t seem to split out the wood.  As of  8-25-2018 I have used up about a half box of these and have yet had one break or split out the wood while driving.

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