My easy no weld rocket wood stove heater quick design and working explanation

This design is loosely based on rocket mass heater design, however it disregards most of the mass in favor of super fast area heating & easy building. The build video is here to see it in action go here A rocket stove doesn’t just burn the wood it burns the wood gas as well which makes it much more efficient than a regular wood burning stove.

Split firewood easy with this portable diy wood splitting tire stand

In this video I put together my version of an easy portable wood splitting tire stand, then go ahead and try it out with some popal and ash 16-20″ long rounds. So far I am really enjoying this stand, it seems much safer than any way that I have split wood by hand in the past. If you miss or the maul passes through the wood the tire stops it from getting anywhere near you, at least that has been the case for the 6-8 hours I have used it so-far. Of course split wood at your own risk it is not danger free no matter how you do it.

What you will need to build this project

A length of rope

A tire. You can base the size on how big of rounds you want to put in the center of it to split, you may need to adjust the size of the base to accommodate a larger tire I used a 265/75-15

4.5″ screws you will need 32-50 I used these which were the least expensive good ones I could find, I talk about them in this video

2-3 “or more depending on tire size” 4×4″ x 8 foot green treated or ground contact lumber. You could use non green treated especially for the top slats to save money. But especially for the skids which will always be in contact with the ground green treated will last a lot longer. Also you may want to use less on top for slats and have wider gaps so material falls through easier, I think I am going to remove 1 piece on mine and re space the others so that I can get my pickaroon between each to clean them out “right now there packed with snow so are not fulfilling there purpose”

I re-used the bottom skids from another project so they may be slightly longer than 2 foot long but not by much, you should be able to do the project cutting every piece to 2 foot and then just cutting the angle on the ends of the 2 skids or just on 1 end of the 2 skids if you only want to be able to pull/push it the 1 direction.

The splitting maul I used in this video is a 4.5lb model you can get one here