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Using the Field Cultivator to prep the garden with my Kubota B2320

I use my field Cultivator to prep last years garden for this years planting. I plan to plant potatoes, beans/peas and possibly some corn along the tree side. I cut this field cultivator down to around 4-5 foot to fit behind my tractor better. There are 5 tines I could add more, but 5 do a good job and are relatively easy to pull.

I have read that a Field Cultivator does a much better job loosening your soil for planting than a tiller. Which is because it does not disturb the layering of the soil. Or what is living/dormant in those layers as much as a tiller does. Also it is less likely to kill worms and other beneficial animals living in the soil.

Diy setup to easily pull 330′ field fence through trees where a tractor won’t fit.

A simple setup so that you can easily pull field fence from a fixed point between and around trees. This is a follow up to my original video where I showed this same system to pull field fence using a tractor. In that case the fence was anchored and the tractor driven away the roll unrolling behind it. I used the same setup in this video you can get the swivel caribeaner here .

Easy way to run 330 foot rolls of woven wire field fence.

I use a swivel carabiner, a 3 point hoist etc to make running rolls of woven wire field fence easier. I also did a second video showing how you can just pull the fence through the woods with this setup . It really shows how well this swivel hook works they have doubled the price since I bought it though. I have as of yet not seen anything less expensive though.

Sheep chase cat into my house

I was loading my truck with the front door propped open and all the sudden. My cat came running in the house with the sheep following him. Luckily I was standing there otherwise they probably would have kept coming right into the house. This happened one other time when my mother let the cat in and left the door open a bit to long and the sheep came in right past her, she yelled to me and I had to come and shoo them back out.

I free a deer trapped on a fence panel and save its life

A deer in my winter sheep pasture attempted to jump into my dog yard getting trapped on a fence panel. After accessing the situation I used my Ryobi 18 v cordless grinder to free the trapped deer. Once free I determine she is going to have trouble walking so I contact the Minnesota DNR. They suggested I move her away from my fences so she can get into the woods easier. After a while she makes it into the woods across the road where she can hopefully recuperate. About 6 hours later I go to check if the deer is still there.

This video covers day one of this story, I don’t yet know how this story will end. Hopefully there will be a happy ending, the one thing I do know is if I had not acted she surely would have died. Subscribe and watch for the next video to see what happens the next day.


3 baby pygmy goat kids playing and making all kinds of crazy noises

In this video I catch my 3 baby pygmy goat kids playing and making all kinds of crazy noises. They chase each other in circles, play fight, yell, scream bah, bounce and jump around all while making the weirdest noises. There moms pretty much just lay around watching and enjoy the break from having to nurse.

Save money by putting an insulated cover on your stock tank

I show how I make a insulated cover for my stock tank by recycling an old exterior door. I then show the difference the cover makes keeping my stock tank ice free with my small 500 watt deicer. If you don’t have access to a free scrap door you could use a piece of plywood and some insulation.

The cover does a few things; first it limits evaporation, second it traps the heat, 3 it stops the wind from removing heat/cooling the water. This means you can use a smaller heater or depending on your climate no heater to keep your tank ice free, also you don’t have to fill the tank with water as much.