Making chips with the Yardmax 6.5HP belt drive 3″ Chipper YW7565 about 2 hours of run time and 1 jam

I bought this Yardmax 6.5HP belt drive Chipper last fall and ran it around 10 hours. Each of these pug loads take me around 1/2 to 45 minutes to chip. With its 10:1 reduction it makes nice sized chips great for in gardens plant pots etc. There a little smaller than the commercial chips but a lot bigger than those made by cheaper chipper shredders.

I purchased this from home depot for around $770 with tax. I have owned other cheaper chippers in the past and none of them came close to what this Yardmax chipper can do. Once I have to flip/replace the blades I will probably do a formal review/overview but for now I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Tools used In the video

Some of the things I like about this chipper

  • It makes large chips so cuts faster and wears the blades slower bigger chips = less cuts per branch.
  • Large metal “self feeding” feed chute. It’s gravity feed but works well, you have to help it if there are branches left.
  • Belt drive that you can disengage the motor from the cutting wheel makes for easy starts and more safety.
  • Nice wheels/design for push/pulling it around, wouldn’t be hard to add a hitch to pull it behind something ether.

Music from youtube music library 9th Symphony, Finale (by Beethoven) – Beethoven