Verizon 4G/5G unlimited data, talk, txt with tethering/hotspot for only $40/month W Visible Wireless

Yes you now can really have unlimited data for under $40 a month with no contract and no data limits. The provider is called Visible and is owned by Verizon. They use verizon towers and at no extra cost offer 5g where available. There service starts at $40 a month but has a few ways to lower that cost. They also have sign up promotions etc.

If after watching the video & or reading the wall of text below if your interested in trying there service. I would appreciate it if you used my referral code 3hnMRw & or join my party to get service as low as $25 a month

Since the begging of the year I have been testing there service in Cotton MN out in the woods. The only internet service available to me here is slow dsl or slow satellite “hopefully star-link fast satellite soon”. I basically max out at 8Mb/s down and 768kbps up which I pay around 40 dollars a month for. With my Visible service I get similar down and around double to triple the upload.

Depending on where you are you may get even better results. Use to locate your nearest Verizon towers then you can also download a cell info app for your phone. I liked Network Cell Info Lite by M2Catalyst, LLC.

My nearest Verizon cell tower is about 7 miles away as the bird flies through the woods etc. Because of this I don’t receive a very good signal at ground level “I am in a low area”. However I went on amazon and purchased a Cell Phone Signal Booster with outdoor antenna for $120 which I mounted on a 20 foot mast. With this I now get a very good 4G signal in my house.

The biggest thing for me is having a second source of decent internet I can use for uploads etc while I am using my dsl for other things. For instance recently I have been uploading lets play videos. These files are massive and they take a long time to upload. While the Visible internet is generally around twice as fast at uploading than my dsl. It is still a multi hour process however I can do it while still using my dsl. Which is a huge improvement for me. So now I can upload higher quality and longer videos without having to worry about tieing up my internet connection.

Another benefit I stumbled on is in windows it will use both of your connections at once if your tethered to speed up downloads etc. As you can see in my video it can over double my download speeds. For now I am more than happy with what it does offer me for only $40 a month. I get another internet service on top of my dsl which can double my download speeds and allow me to upload a lot more content.

Personally I have been looking for years for a affordable alternative to my dsl. While I wouldn’t say this is quite an alternative it is a very nice additional service. However if I didn’t have a wired internet source at my house this would make a great alternative to slow satellite.

Reasons why this may not make a good main internet source for you is.

Supposedly they limit your download speed to 5Mb/s when teathering on 4g “I have not noticed this”.

You will need an unlocked phone that works with Verizon you can check if your phone will work here

Other than those there really are not any other downsides that I see.