First time chainsaw milling using the simplest & cheapest method. Milling ash with a 30cc Stihl 170!

I believe I have found the simplest and cheapest method for chainsaw milling. I explain how it works while I attempt chainsaw milling for the first time ever. At first I use a saw I bought 5 years ago specifically for milling “A used Stihl 460 magnum”. At 76+ cc and $600+ used this is about the smallest saw most recommend for milling on an Alaskan or similar milling system.

Unfortunately for me at the end of the first cut this saw seized up. So if I wanted to finish I had to use my much smaller Stihl 170 magnum. Having less than half the power “30cc” with an Oregon Powersharp bar and chain I wasn’t expecting much. However I really really wanted to mill some slabs after waiting over 5 years to do so. To skip ahead to see the very first full slab cut off with the Stihl 170 go to 9:50

Note: I purposely did not speed up or edit any of the actual milling sequences. I wanted them to be real time so you could see how long it took to mill. As well as hear how hard the saw is working. The log in the video is a 2 foot long, 16″ dia black ash. That I cut down a few days before.

I got the basic idea for this method from Advoko MAKES definitely check out his channel and subscribe. He only puts out about 1 video a month but there worth watching.