Building all season rabbit tractors

Putting together all season rabbit tractors I designed on tinkercad. Design video 17:49 to skip ahead to a time lapse build of the second tractor.

  • Main Materials Build list below:
  • 50 foot roll 1/2″ wire mesh for sides and top “enough to do 2 tractors.” . You could use other fence as well, this is just what I went with.
  • 2 2″x3″x8′
  • 2 2″x2″x8′
  • 4 2″x2″x 19-20″ these are the filler pieces for the inside corners of there nest area. They do not have to be perfect there just filling air gaps. Plus giving you something to attach the plywood to better.
  • 3 2″x2″x 20″? this depends on your plywood thickness if your plywood is thicker you need to make these shorter.
  • 3 2″x3″x 20″? same thing as the 3 2″x2″x 20″?
  • 5 2’x2′ plywood 6 if you want one for a roof with very little overlap. I ended up using a 2’x4′ piece for my roof’s/doors.
  • 8+ 1″x2″x8′ slat material 8 foot long. Whatever you use you want your gap spacing at a maximum of 2″ apart. This is to keep the rabbits from digging out. I did 2″ and I have found that works really well. I may try skinnier slats so even more ground is exposed and in that case I will need more slats. When I move the rabbits now they can easily ride on the slats which works well. The current width of slat may be ideal for there foot health especially in the winter. When I have them over wire mesh below the tractors.
  • 25 foot roll of rabbit wire 16 gauge 1/2″x1″ this is optional. You will use this in the winter if you raise the rabbit tractors off the ground. This is enough for 3 tractors if your a little creative, “its a foot short to fully cover 3”. I will have another video showing how I used it to get mine off the ground soon.