Heavy duty raised benches for garden planters and a quick update on the deck garden

My heavy duty garden benches I made to put my garden planters on and an update on the plants on my deck. These do 2 things raise up the planters so there easier to work on and more importantly get my plants up higher so they get the morning sun. Before when they were on the deck itself the roof would block the sun from them, another thing it does it protects the deck from the wet soil/bags sitting right on the deck. Also I suppose it gives me more storage room under the benches.

If your interested in the cloth gardening bags/planters featured in this video check out the below links.

30 gallon bags https://amzn.to/2JhZs6o I had issues with the fabric beside the handles ripping when trying to move these however they are loaded quite heavy so maybe with a lighter mix they would be fine for moving around, plants are growing well in them, watch for my update video to see the damage and how the plants are doing.

15 gallon bags https://amzn.to/30fooBl these bags are really awesome I have all my tomato plants in them and they look to be doing very well the oldest 2 are already blooming and looking very healthy. These bags were also awesome for moving dirt with as seen in the video.