Growing with cloth planters, the cheapest and easiest way to do raised bed gardening?

This summer I am trying out these new cloth raised bed planters/pots. Supposedly since these are breathable the roots of plants in them will air prune when they get near the fabric. Which should give a more robust root system and also better aeration. Check out my future videos to see how my plants are doing. I have links and more info below on where I got these planters.

30 gallon bags I had issues with the fabric beside the handles ripping when trying to move these however they are loaded quite heavy so maybe with a lighter mix they would be fine for moving around, plants are growing well in them, watch for my update video to see the damage and how the plants are doing.

15 gallon bags these bags are really awesome I have all my tomato plants in them and they look to be doing very well the oldest 2 are already blooming and looking very healthy. These bags were also awesome for moving dirt with as seen in the video.