A better way to fill the winter stock tank, no more garden hose/shoveling

I got sick of fighting with the coil garden hose and shoveling snow to the faucet/stock tank. So after a bit of contemplation I came up with a good inexpensive solution, solid drain hose. You can pick up a 100 foot roll 4″ diameter for less than 40 bucks at your local hardware store.

I then cut a hole at the end so that it would fit over the outside faucet. Then ran it down into my stock tank and tied it secure at both ends. Of course your stock tank will need to be lower than your faucet for this to work.

Now all I have to do is turn the valve inside my house to start filling. Also since its a 4″ diameter pipe its very unlikely it will ever freeze up. Drain pipe is also easy to work with, a razor blade will cut it quite easily, and its light weight/durable.