TireJect the best tire sealant 8 month winter test on rotted tires that would not hold air

In this video I fix 2 utv tires that would not hold air with TireJect tire sealant then check on them over 8 months. These tires are over 20 years old are dry rotted & have cracking between the treads. TireJect is a USA Made tire sealant/repair liquid that will fix flats, prevent leaks & punctures up to 3/8″ for up to 24 months and is easy to clean up with just water.

Also this stuff is just freaking awesome, I did receive some of there product for free to test after asking them. I would have ordered some anyhow but decided to try my luck at getting a free sample first. I have since purchased more I am so happy with the product, you can order starter kits etc on amazon here is a linkĀ https://amzn.to/2LvABtU.

Some of the features found on there website

  1. Made in the USA and carries a money back gaurantee.
  2. Water soluble for easy clean up and is shelf stable for 5+ years.
  3. No harsh chemicals is Non-Hazardous, Non-corrosive and Non-Toxic.
  4. Low viscosity will not cause vibration and coats the whole inside of the tire.
  5. Fixes bead leaks, slow leaks, punctures up to 3/8″ for up to 24 months on both tread and sidewall also seals most tire dry rot.
  6. Compatible with all off-road tubeless tires including construction and heavy equipment tires.
  7. fixes bead leaks and helps seal the bead to the rim “I am testing that now on the 2 wheel dolly.” Subscribe and check back in a few weeks or so to see how it holds up.