Site a work in progress, I plan to add all of my videos.

What I am doing is going back and writing/re-writing descriptions for all of my old videos and then creating a post for them here. A lot of them had very short or basically no descriptions. Some will also have additional info here that is not at there original locations.  Eventually I will add more features to the site, like maybe design drawings etc.

For now though my main goal is to go through all of my videos and make sure they all have proper descriptions and titles. Its going to take me a while since I have something like 270 videos to go through and I also plan to continue creating and releasing new videos hopefully on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

I still have a large backlog of old and new footage I am still recording every week. Hopefully once I get caught up I will be able to focus more on just making cool videos for you guys.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Sincerely Repairman Jared