IDPA match shooting my Glock 17 at the Hibbing Minnesota range 2012 Stage 3

I took my gen 3 glock 17 to the Hibbing, MN shooting range to shoot there IDPA match. I though in ways this was the most challenging stage because of randomness. The targets were numbered and called out randomly. So first you needed to find the correct target before shooting it. Also your supposed to use the walls for cover.

IDPA match shooting my 9 mm Glock 17 at the Hibbing Minnesota range 2012 stage 2

I took my gen 3 glock 17 to the Hibbing, MN shooting range to shoot there IDPA match. This stage was fun mainly because of getting to shoot out of a car. So the setup is you have multiple attackers, and you need to chose how to engage them. There are 2 attackers on the drivers side one close one far and then 2 on the passenger side. My choice was to take out the closest threat first the target closest to the driver side door. Followed by the target behind that target then  transitioning to the passenger side. Next I needed to exit the vehicle using it for cover to engage the remaining targets.

IDPA match shooting my 9 mm Glock 17 at the Hibbing Minnesota range 2012 stage 1

I took my gen 3 glock 17 to the Hibbing, MN shooting range to shoot there IDPA match. In this stage we were putting 3 rounds on moving silhouette targets and it was a very fun stage. The first target consisted of a hostage/hostage taker target with the hostage taker and the hostage targets both moving. The next was a target through a tire and then came small metal targets. Which when shot triggered silhouette targets to turn and drop and turn again. You only had seconds to put 3 rounds on target before the target “dissapeared”.

Sheep chase cat into my house

I was loading my truck with the front door propped open and all the sudden. My cat came running in the house with the sheep following him. Luckily I was standing there otherwise they probably would have kept coming right into the house. This happened one other time when my mother let the cat in and left the door open a bit to long and the sheep came in right past her, she yelled to me and I had to come and shoo them back out.

Me and my dog check on the deer the day after I free it from the fence panel

Today I went with my dog to see if the deer was still in the woods and or still alive. After locating the deer from a distance and watching it for 5-10 minutes I thought it was dead. So we moved closer to make sure and got a bit of a surprise. It seems the the deer is possibly friends with my dog, the deer was hanging in my dogs yard. So its very possible they met before I found her and knowing my dog she probably even tried to help her.

This video covers the day after freeing the trapped deer and the next day so basically it was freed on Friday and the end of this video ends on Sunday. Part one of this story can be seen here. It shows how I free the deer that was hanging from a hog panel by its back leg.

My firearms videos disappearing from Youtube

Some of you may have noticed that a bunch of videos have disappeared from my Youtube channel. This is due to the new Youtube firearms policy, because of this new policy I am self censoring my channel.

Some of these video have been a part of my Youtube channel from the beginning. In fact the very first video I ever posted was shooting a black powder revolver that I intended to sell. It is now removed from the channel. I  have found other venues to host firearms related content. I will link to here so subscribe to this website if that interests you. This will probably be the last I talk about firearms on Youtube unless Youtube decides to backtracks these policy changes.

The main reason I made this decision over trying trying to pick and chose which videos may or may not be ok. Was that I didn’t have that many, I think it was under 40 videos. To go through each one to check and see if it was in compliance or not, when the rules to be in compliance are not black and white . Would have been far to time consuming / soul destroying. I would rather just move that part of my content elsewhere where it will just be appreciated for what it is.

It is also part of the reason I finally got my butt in gear to create this website. I have owned the domains and the hosting for years but never got around to doing anything with them. Firearms have been and will always be a big part of my life. There generally not a large part of my videos mainly just because I have so many video interests that firearms are low on the list of things I want to record video on.

I started hunting at around age 11 with my father and a trusty daisy bb gun. Have been a federal firearms dealer for many years and I went to college to become a gunsmith. I have now been a gunsmith for many years have sold guns to consumers and have also worked on customers guns.


I free a deer trapped on a fence panel and save its life

A deer in my winter sheep pasture attempted to jump into my dog yard getting trapped on a fence panel. After accessing the situation I used my Ryobi 18 v cordless grinder to free the trapped deer. Once free I determine she is going to have trouble walking so I contact the Minnesota DNR. They suggested I move her away from my fences so she can get into the woods easier. After a while she makes it into the woods across the road where she can hopefully recuperate. About 6 hours later I go to check if the deer is still there.

This video covers day one of this story, I don’t yet know how this story will end. Hopefully there will be a happy ending, the one thing I do know is if I had not acted she surely would have died. Subscribe and watch for the next video to see what happens the next day.


TireJect the best tire sealant 8 month winter test on rotted tires that would not hold air

In this video I fix 2 utv tires that would not hold air with TireJect tire sealant then check on them over 8 months. These tires are over 20 years old are dry rotted & have cracking between the treads. TireJect is a USA Made tire sealant/repair liquid that will fix flats, prevent leaks & punctures up to 3/8″ for up to 24 months and is easy to clean up with just water.

Also this stuff is just freaking awesome, I did receive some of there product for free to test after asking them. I would have ordered some anyhow but decided to try my luck at getting a free sample first. I have since purchased more I am so happy with the product, you can order starter kits etc on amazon here is a link

Some of the features found on there website

  1. Made in the USA and carries a money back gaurantee.
  2. Water soluble for easy clean up and is shelf stable for 5+ years.
  3. No harsh chemicals is Non-Hazardous, Non-corrosive and Non-Toxic.
  4. Low viscosity will not cause vibration and coats the whole inside of the tire.
  5. Fixes bead leaks, slow leaks, punctures up to 3/8″ for up to 24 months on both tread and sidewall also seals most tire dry rot.
  6. Compatible with all off-road tubeless tires including construction and heavy equipment tires.
  7. fixes bead leaks and helps seal the bead to the rim “I am testing that now on the 2 wheel dolly.” Subscribe and check back in a few weeks or so to see how it holds up.



3 baby pygmy goat kids playing and making all kinds of crazy noises

In this video I catch my 3 baby pygmy goat kids playing and making all kinds of crazy noises. They chase each other in circles, play fight, yell, scream bah, bounce and jump around all while making the weirdest noises. There moms pretty much just lay around watching and enjoy the break from having to nurse.